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Struggling to get your message across? Need to train your staff or franchisees? Want to animate your ebook? Need a funky video for your pitch deck or software platform? We can help.
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Customers love us ❤️

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Extremely satisfied customer!
From the time I first connected with the Explainer Fly team until their delivery of the first draft of the video, I couldn't have been happier with their responsiveness, as well as their interest and ability to truly listen to what I was looking for in my video. The result was phenomenal and greatly exceeded my expectations. They receive my highest recommendation for anyone considering a project with them. First class all the way!

Source: Trustpilot
Great work!
Reece and his team at Explainer Fly demonstrated a high level of aptitude and sophistication in understanding 21st century technology and its impact in society, specifically our clients and target audience. Reece and his team are highly reliable and quick witted in gathering the right information and getting things done right the first time. Thank you very much for the quality work!

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Great quality, friendly team
Great quality, friendly team, fair pricing! We worked with Explainer Fly to create easily understandable videos for both parties on our marketplace, the creators and the partner stores. Both videos turned out to be great, and whenever we had some minor change requests, the team was happy to implement them in a timely manner. I can highly recommend Explainer Fly for their quality of service as well as their friendly way of dealing with customers.

Source: Trustpilot
We've worked with some best-in-class clients
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A picture of Reece the Founder at the London ExCel exhibiting Explainer Fly

Explainer Fly at the London Business Show 2023

We recently showed over 30k businesses the power of our explainer videos at the recent London Business Show in the ExCel, London.
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Our Easy Process


We'll start with getting your video brief together on a discovery call so we know what animated video content you need.


We'll then work on the animation visuals and scripts to present to you for approval or revision.


Finally, we'll animate, voice and edit your animated video content before sharing it with your team for review.
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Stuck for ideas? Here are some animated videos we can do for your business

We can help with all sorts of marketing, sales and training content including: 
  • New Staff Onboardng
  • Food Handling Safety
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Health & Safety
  • Legal Processes
  • Marketing Explainer Videos
  • Investment & Crowdfunding
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Versatile animated videos useful everywhere

Our animated videos are high definition, compressed and formatted for nearly every type hosting software and social platform.

Where you should use your video:

Your website (obviously)
Social media posts
Investment decks
Sales pitches
Digital Advertising
Email Blasts
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Get Your Proposal

Book a discovery call so we can find out about your business, brief and put a proposal together for you. Every successful project starts with a free 30 minute consultation:
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You can re-arrange the call after booking if things change.

We do everything for you:

Custom Video Durations
Perfect Video Scripts Written By Experts
British or American, Male or Female Voiceover
Stunning Animation That Matches Your Brand
Punchy, Energetic Background Music
2 Round Of Final Revisions

Common Questions

How long does delivery usually take?

The time it takes to create your training content depends heavily on how much content you have. Usually, it's around 3 weeks to get 5 minutes of video content created.

How does payment work?

We accept all major credit cards and bank transfer. Payment term are usually phases based depending on the size of the project.

What if I'm not happy with the video?

We offer 2 free rounds of fair revisions on your training content to make sure you are satisfied.

Before we send off your script for voicing and animation, we'll always send it to you for your approval so you know exactly what we'll be delivering.

Extra revisions are negotiated depending on their scope.

What does your process look like?

First, we'll have a short call to discuss your video's goals, whether that is website conversion to free trial or conversion to paid customer.

Then, when we understand your business and goals our scriptwriters will pinpoint your key messaging and prepare your script.

We'll send this to you for review. After you have signed off, the real fun begins. We will hire a voice actor to voice your script, then we'll get your storyboard and video animated!

Finally, the voiceover piece, animation and background music is all combined and synced into a single HD video file we then deliver to you! It's simple, hassle free and you're with us every step of the way!

Can I send you our visual assets to use in the video?

Sure! If you have brand guidelines, visual assets and shapes, motifs, screenshots or Figma/Sketch/SVG files you'd like us to use (including complete storyboards you have designed) please do send it over so it can be used in your video.

Can I send you my own VoiceOver I made?

Absolutely! Some clients like to use their own voice or the voice of a team member for their video. This is not a problem and we can use your voice over track in the video if you don't want us to use a professional VoiceOver artist.

Ready to get your animated video or put together a training series?