Legitimate Interest Assessment for Explainerfly Ltd

  1. Company Information:
  • Data Controller: Explainerfly Ltd
  • Company Address: 128 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX

  1. Purpose of Cold Emailing: Explainerfly Ltd intends to send cold emails to B2B contacts obtained through Apollo.io's prospect database. The purpose of these emails is to generate new business interest in Explainerfly Ltd's animated explainer video services.
  2. Legitimate Interest: Explainerfly Ltd relies on the legitimate interest basis for processing personal data for the following reasons:

a) B2B Relationship: The intended recipients of the cold emails are B2B contacts. Explainerfly Ltd's services are primarily aimed at businesses rather than individual consumers. As a B2B relationship, there is a reasonable expectation that businesses may have an interest in exploring products or services that can improve their sales and brand awareness.

b) Relevance to the Recipients: Explainerfly Ltd's animated explainer video services have the potential to benefit businesses by enhancing their online presence, increasing sales, and improving brand awareness. The assumption is that recipients of cold emails are businesses that may benefit from incorporating explainer videos into their websites.

c) Balancing Interests: Explainerfly Ltd acknowledges the importance of balancing its interests with the rights and freedoms of the individuals whose data is being processed. The cold emails sent are limited in scope and aim to provide relevant information to potential business prospects, without causing undue harm or infringement on the recipients' rights.

d) Honouring Unsubscribe Requests: Explainerfly Ltd respects recipients' rights and provides a clear and accessible unsubscribe mechanism in all cold emails. If a recipient wishes to opt out or unsubscribe from further communications, Explainerfly Ltd promptly honors such requests and removes the individual's contact details from future cold emailing lists.

e) GDPR Compliance: Explainerfly Ltd is committed to handling personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The company implements appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data it processes. Data is stored securely and is only accessible to authorized personnel who require access for legitimate business purposes.

  1. Assessment of Legitimate Interest: After carefully considering the factors mentioned above, Explainerfly Ltd has determined that the legitimate interest for cold emailing B2B contacts obtained through Apollo.io's prospect database exists. Explainerfly Ltd reasonably believes that recipients of the cold emails may benefit from its animated explainer video services, thereby contributing to their business growth, sales improvement, and brand awareness.

Explainerfly Ltd is committed to conducting regular reviews of its legitimate interest assessments to ensure ongoing compliance with applicable data protection regulations.